I need a volunteer for a special project

As all of you know, I am a black and grey artists but I need a few people (skin tone doesn’t matter) for a study I am doing in another type of black and grey (colors instead of greywash). If anyone is interested let me know, and no, this isn’t a free project, just a good price for the loyal people who support what I do. Hit my line if interested 🙏🏾✊🏾

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For now I will be taking appointments at Sacred Heart in Waikiki, I no longer work with or have any association with Aloha or American Made Tattoo. No drama, just a different setting that fits more of

Sorry for the unexpected delay, but as some of you know I moved shops and I am helping out there a little bit before I head back to Georgia. Thank you for your patience and understanding 🙏🏾✊🏾

I will be moving to Aloha Tattoo Kailua today, sorry for the short notice but this was an executive decision from higher up, please reach out if I haven’t reached you for appointments!